Hamilton Stars Take Final Bows, Teach Us How to Say Goodbye

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On Saturday, Hamilton stars and original cast members Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, and Leslie Odom Jr. took their final curtain call with the production, and you will get caught up in their loving nostalgia.

First, here are the Schuyler Sisters singing “The Longest Time” in perfect harmony before taking the stage. Warning: this earworm will burrow in your brain. I’ve been singing it for 24 hours straight, send help.

The official Hamilton YouTube channel also put together a little tribute to the original cast that’ll tug your heartstrings. The show is wildly successful because it’s good, obviously, but there is also an element of wanting to be included in what seems like the coolest cast on Broadway:

A reminder that being cool on Broadway still probably means you’re a big dork: at their final curtain call, Miranda had the orchestra play the theme song to the West Wing. Very cute, very inside baseball:



Screenshot via YouTube.

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LMM is quickly climbing the ladder of my celeb baes. between his carpool karaoke, his tony speech, his twitter, and his appearance on john oliver, i’m smitten kitten. plus, man bun.

we need more LMMs in this world.

ETA: also yeah i guess hamilton is pretty decent.