Halle Berry's First Orgasm, If You're Interested

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Well, not much is happening once again, everything seems bad to medium, and so I present to you the one thing I found in the wastebasket when looking for something else: Halle Berry and the story of her first orgasm.

Halle and her stylist Lindsay Flores discussed their first petite morts in an outtake from something called “Bad and Booshy, which I believe is a talk show or podcast or something that one can stream on Instagram. Halle Barry remembers her first orgasm, even though her friend and stylist does not. “I don’t even know, to be honest,” Flores says, to Berry’s shock. “It wasn’t recently!”

Well, that’s very relatable, thank you! Also relatable is Halle’s first time, which happened when she was 11. “I did it to myself,” she said.


I’m sure that this admission will cause controversy in some pocket of the internet, by pearl-clutchers or the otherwise easily-scandalized, who don’t think people should talk about orgasms or masturbation. I can’t imagine anyone reading THIS venerable publication will be upset about this admission from Berry, but if you are... I cannot assist you at this time. Have a great weekend. [People]

Here’s Cardi trying her best to hoe, but being interrupted by her daughter.


“I can’t even be sexy in peace,” reads the caption. Cardi, my man, same!

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Is it super common to have your first O with someone else? Mine was pretty much the same as Halle Berry’s.