Andy George, 28, spent $1,500 and six months making a chicken sandwich totally from scratch as part of his YouTube series How To Make Everything. The video has thus far gotten over 1.2 million views and the stunt, as stunts go, is boring.

George grew a garden, made salt with ocean water, pickled various pickle-able vegetables, milked a cow and then mounted it, picked itch weed, turned those ingredients into cheese, harvested wheat, collected honey from bees, made butter, turned those ingredients into bread, killed a chicken, and then cooked all the shit.


He couldn’t even fit the stupid fucking sandwich into his mouth. And when he did, he said: “It’s not bad. That’s about it. It’s not bad.”

It was obviously terrible, because no human in history has been a producer of every ingredient in a lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, pepper, dill, garlic, and chicken sandwich. Why would this stunt-performer be able to do all these things well on his first try?

I am tired of people making sandwiches for internet fame. Sandwiches are very common. You can get one for like $4. That’s the point of sandwiches. To understand that chickens die for chicken sandwiches, you do not have to raise a chicken and then kill it.


In an interview with ABC News, George said he wanted viewers to “understand the invisible world that goes on behind-the-scenes in everyday items that we buy, use and throw away.” He plans to travel to Mexico to make coffee and chocolate from scratch. A crowdfunding site will be launching in the next few weeks to cover the cost. I am glad he is having a good time!

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