Guy Proposes to Girlfriend by Splicing Her into a Horror Movie Trailer

It's time for another episode of Horrifying Public Marriage Proposals — tagline: Why make an intimate moment intimate when the world could be watching? (sponsored by The Internet). In this very special edition, the man actually takes it inside a movie theater by splicing his loved one's image into a movie trailer. See, the woman thinks she's just going to see a movie with friends, but she's actually about to be proposed to via a trailer that combines The Grey, The Bourne Ultimatum, and her enterprising boyfriend. Mazel Tov!



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I wouldn't normally resort to this childish meme, but geeze you guys are a bunch of curmudgeons!

Would seeing one extra trailer plus a cute proposal really be THAT traumatic for you. Maybe some of you out there are just constantly having your days interrupted by over the top proposals, but I doubt it. You might witness something like this once or twice in your life, how dreadful!