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Gunfire Breaks Out at Peaceful Ferguson Protest Following a Hit-and-Run

A peaceful protest on the second anniversary of Micheal Brown’s death at the hands of then-officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri was disrupted by gunfire following a hit and run accident where a protestor was was struck by a vehicle.


The Associated Press reports that witnesses saw a vehicle speed down Florissant Avenue, driving through a group of protestors who had gathered and were blocking the street. The car allegedly hit one protestor so hard that he “flew into the air and his shoes were knocked off.”

Shortly after this, witnesses reported hearing gunfire, reportedly from demonstrators who opened fire at the vehicle that hit the protestor.


Police reported to the scene but it appears that no one was struck. The protestor who was hit by the car was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Ferguson spokesman Jeff Small didn’t speculate on why the shots were fired or where they came from. That’s probably for the best.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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Rosalind Franklin's Frankenkitty

I hope they catch the person who hit the protestor. I get being irritated that people are blocking the street, but normal people who are allowed to roam around shouldn’t get so angry by having the street blocked, that they attempt to murder someone.