Guess How Much These Ridiculous Jeans Cost

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Opening Ceremony is known for being really fashion forward, but sometimes it's so forward that, like Thelma and Louise, it goes too far and just drives right off the cliff resulting in a total wreck. Case in point: these friggin' pants.


The Marques'Almeida—featuring a cut off top (like Mariah Carey in the "Heartbreaker" video) and super long leg flaps that drag on the floor—will set you back $430. Complete the look with an adjustable denim apron for just $365 and you'll be ready to chill with Carson on TRL.

Marques'Almeida Slashed Jeans [Opening Ceremony]

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I feel like these jeans are designed for Vince Noir (that is if he would ever lower himself to wear jeans in the first place).