Grown Woman Hoards Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dolls

Typically, the people featured on A&E's Hoarders suffer serious health risks because their homes become unhygienic messes due to dust or mold or or broken toilets; there's an inability to clean because there's simply too much clutter. But things were a little different for Phyllis on last night's season premiere. She collects dolls — hundreds of thousands of them — that she washes and repairs (in what she calls her "doll surgeries," conducted in a makeshift doll hospital she set up in her home).

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This isn't even the most horrifying Hoarders ep by far. The one where the dad and his adult daughter were living in a house without working plumbing and the cleaners opened a door to find a mountain of plastic bags they'd been shitting in and then tossing in the closet/stairwell/room...? Yikes. I've definitely gotten rid of a lot of crap in my house as a result of this show (I should say, as a result of my fear of being ON this show).