Groupon Is Selling a Clip-In Manbun

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What’s a modern man to do when he wants to look like a hipster asshole but don’t want to risk hair loss and scarring? Got it: Groupon has a $9.99 clip-on bun that won’t break the bank or fuck with your hairline any further than your bad genes already have.

Groupon is likely selling these buns (a $60 value) as a way to drum up publicity (remember the banana saver?), but according to a customer service representative I spoke to after purchasing my own, the product is very real and will arrive in the homes of all the people who ordered one in approximately two weeks.

According to USA Today, the clip-in bun has received a wealth of negative attention on Twitter, with users claiming that even the idea of such a thing makes them want to throw up their breakfast. I disagree, and I’ve already agreed to wear the contraption on my head as soon as it arrives. (I considered going blonde but decided to go with a more conservative dark brown instead.) Look for me violently ripping the bun out of my hair to shock strangers in a public space near you soon.


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