Gross New Food Fads for 2014

Smell you later, quinoa and gluten-free stuff. In 2014, people will be eating dirt. Literally.

According to The Guardian, "edible soil" is actually a thing that is predicted to catch on this year.

[T]he Tokyo restaurant Ne Quittez Pas introduced a soil-based menu, including dirt and potato soup, dirt risotto with sea bass and dirt ice-cream. According to Yoshihiro Narisawa, a chef from another Tokyo restaurant, soil is rich in umami. This could catch on.


It's unsettling when the subject of an episode of My Strange Addiction turns into a culinary trend.

Other foodstuff expected to take off in 2014 are "edible wood," egg-white chips, everything chia, and kale ice pops. It's all so unappetizing that it kind of makes one miss the bacon craze of 2012.

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