Great 'Husband Funny' Card, or Greatest 'Husband Funny' Card?

Illustration for article titled Great Husband Funny Card, or Greatest Husband Funny Card?

HILARIOUS ALERT: Husbands loves to fart almost as much as wives love to nag!

And why is this in the husband funny section? That could easily be Cameron Diaz in pretty much every movie she's ever starred in.


[via JordanPattern's Instagram]

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I spent a good fifteen solid minutes in the card aisle last week looking for a gender neutral 7th birthday card for my niece. No stickers, glitter, Disney princesses, or even my beloved Hello Kitty. I'd already caved with a couple of pink, girl-oriented gifts. I finally found a card with a big striped "7" on the front that addressed its receiver as a special/great kid instead of a beautiful girl or awesome boy.