Great Gerwig Is Going Full Elena Ferrante

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The world is Greta Gerwig’s oyster; Lady Bird has been both a financial and critical success. Where will she go next? Sacramento! Again and again and again.

Vulture reports that in A24's movie podcast, Gerwig discussed with Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins her plans to keep visiting the city of her youth. Like many of us, she was inspired by mysterious writer Elena Ferrante and her Neapolitan Novels:

“I’d like to make a total of four films that take place [in Sacramento]. I would like to do a quartet of Sacramento films. It’s inspired by the Elena Ferrante Neapolitan quartet — she wrote these four books that took place mainly in Naples. They’re so great. I thought, Oh I’d like to do that,” she said. “Because [Lady Bird] was one part of Sacramento. There’s a lot of different parts of Sacramento that I’d like to explore, too. I feel like I have the privilege of being from a place. I’m really from that place — my family didn’t move, my family’s still there, my friend’s are still there — I feel like I can actually speak to it with some feeling.”


Fair enough. Goodness knows there’s enough films about New York and Los Angeles, we can take three more about Sacramento, though this blog post is probably the longest I’ve ever thought about it and definitely the most times I’ve typed out the word. Sacramento. There’s plenty more to explore, and with a director like Gerwig I might actually one day want to visit as much as I currently want to visit Naples.

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