Gotcha Pregnancies? "Advice Goddesses" Are Anything But

From the good people who sent Joe The Plumber to Israel comes this gem of a video in which advice columnists Helen Smith and Amy Alkon recuse men from any birth control responsibilities.

Basically, as Alkon sees it, there are legions of desperate wannabe moms out there who go to bars, pick up men, lie about their birth control status and get pregnant for the purpose of finding a financier to bankroll motherhood. Those who just fuck up their birth control too much should either start getting Depo or get an IUD so they can ensure they don't get pregnant. But, if pregnancy catches up with a dude who wasn't expecting it, well, it's totally unfair that the system makes him pay child support.


Not once does Alkon suggest that if a man doesn't wish to assume to risk of impregnating someone that he should either religiously use condoms regardless of what the women says about her birth control method (or STD status) — particularly if he is being taken home from bars for one night stands — or refrain from engaging in sexual activity that carries a risk of pregnancy. In fact, she dismisses the latter as "unrealistic." But, the risk of the pregnancy is utterly the woman's, and if she's not prepared to have an abortion, give the kid up or support it financially on her own, then she shouldn't be having sex.

Gotcha Pregnancies & Men's Rights [Pajamas TV]

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Well, I thought I was an Amy Alkon fan until today. I knew her advice was harsh but, I never realized what a Mysoginist she is! (if a female can be one) She can kiss my ass. No wonder she doesn't live with her boyfriend, has never been married to my knowledge and doesn't have any kids. What a total and complete bitch. She's prolly a Republican too.