GOP Buffoon Mocks Fellow Rep Sheila Jackson Lee's Outfit

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Before Tuesday's State of the Union, conservative blowhard Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) joined in on second-rate shock jock Michael Berry's betting pool. No, it wasn't a fun drinking game based on how many times the President said "let me be clear" or Boehner visibly resisted the urge to clap. Instead, it was a dumb sexist bet over the color of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's outfit. So clever. GOOD ONE! Minor-league non-consequential mouth-breather Berry compared a U.S. Congresswoman to Grimace. What a gentleman!


Even better, Stockman tweeted:

Wow, that is your fellow member of Congress. Have some fucking respect. Can you even imagine what would happen if the tables were turned, and Lee was sneering at their grey-ass, boring-ass suits? How dare she, a Democrat and woman of color, call attention to herself in any way. Can you believe her? Having the gall to be so visible, whilst not fitting into an antiquated (and fucked) idea of what a leader should look like.

Deal with it, motherfuckers. She is a leader, and she's not going anywhere. Plus, she's obviously not bothered by your petty bets on her clothing, so what exactly are you looking to accomplish? To belittle a woman for how she dresses? To attempt to demoralize and demean your peer for an unfunny "joke"? To openly take jabs at someone because they're not the same as you? These are all honest questions; what's the answer?

Please keep in mind, Stockman is the same man who invited Ted Nugent — the person who said he'd be "dead or in jail" if Obama was elected to a second term— to the State of the Union! Seriously, this happened. And you know who had the decorum and decency to be cordial to that nugget Nugent? Rep Sheila Jackson Lee.

Again, sane Republicans: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take back your party, or burn it to the ground. Oh, maybe this is what burning it to the ground looks like? Well, good luck with that? It's not like America needs, at the very least, two viable political parties to thrive.


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So what? DC is a conservative environment when it comes to dress, which means more muted colors are the norm for both men AND women on the hill. She's wearing purple. The only reason why that's notable enough to be a joke is that women don't dress like that either. It's not just the men in boring suits. On the scale of awful things to have office bets about, it's at most a 2, because it singles her out as the person who missed the dress code memo.