GOP Adviser Reminds Twitter That Calling Wendy Davis Stupid Is Stupid

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Not content to let Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott wade into the stupid pool without a spotter, political adviser David Carney, the mastermind who made Rick Perry seem like a perfectly acceptable politician to the Texas voting public, decided it’d be great to criticize Wendy Davis on Twitter. Because that didn’t at all backfire for Abbott when he did it back in August.


Davis, who became almost a liberal folk hero in an infamously Republican Texas after her epic filibuster of an abortion bill in the State Senate, is currently contemplating a gubernatorial run. If she decides to throw her filibuster sneakers into the ring, she’d face Abbott, the Texas Attorney General who was recently criticized for responding positively on Twitter to a tweet from one of his supporters referring to Davis as “retard Barbie.” Though it seemed that Abbott was soundly excoriated for his Twitter fuck-up, his team of advisers must have thought Abbott’s campaign could withstand some more idiocy, because on Thursday, Carney tweeted this:

According to the Dallas Morning News, Carney was cheerleading for gun enthusiasts by touting the recent Colorado recall of two state senators who’d supported gun control measures after the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings (they both lost their elections this week). The post Carney links to refers to Davis as “Abortion Barbie,” adding that the Harvard Law School grad and Texas state senator “is even dumber than her fake blonde hair would imply.”

Carney subsequently received a tongue-lashing from Texas Democrats for his ongoing effort to alienate female voters. Said Will Hailer, executive director of the state Democratic Party,

It’s clear that Abbott’s advisers are following a strategy of offending every woman voter in the state of Texas

A woman who worked her way from a trailer park to graduate from Harvard Law School with honors is anything but stupid.


Davis hasn’t done anything to merit criticisms of her intelligence, unlike Carney and Abbott, who’ve each offered proof of their massive social media stupidity.

Greg Abbott adviser retweets Wendy Davis ‘too stupid’ to be governor [Dallas News]


[h/t: The Daily Beast]

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Here's the thing with Texas Republicans (and Republicans in general). They live in an echo chamber of yes men. They believe their own hype and that their shit doesn't stink. They think the majority is on their side and will yell and holler with approval when they do stuff like this. They live in a world where they are coddled by Fox News and have only the briefest of relationships with reality.

That is not the case. They are losing the culture wars. The tide is turning and their core voting blocks are becoming smaller and smaller. They refuse to reach out to people of different races or genders and that is their fatal mistake.

They are dying out. They may try to redistrict themselves into keeping current places of power and they might even succeed for a time, but it won't be forever.

So, to Carney and Abbott and all the other smug, self-assured, idiot motherfuckers in the GOP... your time is running out. Get your jabs in now. They are nothing but death throes and we are all waiting to dance on your grave.