Republican Thanks Supporter Who Called Wendy Davis 'Retard Barbie'

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Fun fact: Texas, in addition to being one of the largest economies in the world, is also America's leading producer of assholes. Case in point: Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, who replied to a supporter's tweet calling Wendy Davis "retard Barbie" with a gracious "thank you" before fauxpologizing this weekend.


The tweet:

The OMG thank u sewwwwww much! response from Abbott:

The backpedal:


Now, I'm no politics genius like Greg Abbott, but it seems like it might be a bad idea to publicly dole out positive reinforcement to a person who thinks "retard Barbie" is high comedy. You might get the reputation of having a terrible sense of humor. And, you know, being a terrible person.




I like that they are attacking Wendy Davis rather than ignoring her. It means they are afraid of her or at least she threatens them. That is GREAT NEWS you guys. Seriously.