Good News, Lesbians!

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The biggest, most A-Listiest couple in sports this side of Ryan Lochte and his LIES is officially engaged! Is that topical? No? Who cares! On Friday, Seattle Storm point guard slash four-time Olympic gold medalist Sue Bird posted a photo on Instagram of longtime girlfriend Megan Rapinoe, an Olympic gold medal-haver herself and also captain of the World Cup-winning U.S. women’s national soccer team, getting down on one knee and appearing to propose, CNN reports.

I say “appearing” because Bird’s post had no caption explaining for sure what exactly we were looking at. For all we knew, Rapinoe—who first met Bird during the 2016 Olympics in Rio, according to Ellecould’ve been doing that hand massage technique where you pull back on someone’s moisturized finger until the joint gives a little “pop!” Unlikely and definitely not worthy of the ‘gram, much less a post on your main feed, but possible! The official Twitter account for Bird’s team confirmed what was happening later that day, though, congratulatingthe power couple on their engagement.” Congrats, indeed!


In less joyful news, the BBC reports that Sir Sean Connery has died. The Academy Award-winning Scottish actor, known for being the first man to bring James Bond to life onscreen, passed away peacefully in his sleep while in the Bahamas, his family told the press.

“I’m incredibly saddened to hear of Sean’s passing,” said Dame Shirley Bassey, who sang the theme songs for two of Connery’s seven Bond films. “My thoughts are with his family. He was a wonderful person, a true gentleman, and we will be forever connected by Bond.”

Did someone say “celebrity Halloween costumes”? Yes! It was me! Here’s longtime Barb Lil Nas X as “Super Bass”-era Nicki Minaj:


Saweetie as RuPaul circa Drag Race’s season 11 promo pics:


And Saweetie again as literally ALL of Destiny’s Child in the “Bootylicious” video:


Kylie Jenner went as the red Power Ranger (with Stassie Baby to her right as the pink Ranger):


Necessary shout out to comedian Jes Tom and my friend Lola for their simply incredible Jenny Shimizu and Angelina Jolie in Foxfire couple’s costume:


Aaaaaaand Chrissy Teigen with the jokes. (I hope!) Post your costumes below!

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chocolate covered raisons d'être

Bird and Rapinoe. Awesome individually and together. Some nice news before Tuesday’s shitshow.