Good Lord, Ciara's Ring Is Enormous

In a deeply awkward video where they confirmed that yes, they did have sex on their wedding night, Ciara flashed the engagement ring given to her by Russell Wilson and holy shit, I just remembered how huge it is.


To be fair, I already knew she was walking around with an iceberg on her finger because it was the most interesting part of their proposal video but my god, we need to talk about this again, especially now that she’s added the wedding band.

Sweet Jesus above lord have every last drop of mercy—how? And equally important: why?

Do regular fancy jewelry stores just keep diamonds that large in stock? Because that looks like something dug up by Britain colonists hundreds of years ago right before they decided, yeah, let’s keep this place.


Here are some blurry photos from the video.

Screenshots via TMZ

Is this just an everyday wear piece? Do you keep that sucker on when you go to the grocery store?

Look at her just wearing that ice skating rink to work


Does she have a decoy because it does not seem worth it to risk having your finger chopped off!!!

Do you have to do hand exercises to keep your wrist strong enough to lug that thing around??


Is it, as Kelly Faircloth suggested, an ice cube that she replaces daily?

All I know is, I certainly don’t have the answers. But I do know one thing: That ring is too damn big.


Images via Getty.

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