The Old Spice Man Returns, Wry & Sexy As Ever

Isaiah Mustafa and his "striking brown eyes" are back, in this teaser trailer for a brand new Old Spice ad campaign.


This go 'round, expect the man your man could smell like to visit "exotic" locales — what some genius ad exec has decided to call the "freshest places on earth" — like Cyprus, Denali, Fiji, Matterhorn and Komodo. We have no idea what Mr. Mustafa will be doing in these new ads, but we do know that he won't be wearing a shirt, and there will be a grass skirt involved. And those are a good things.

Old Spice Man Gets Ready To Ride Again [AP]

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Is it weird that when this video was over I realized I was biting my lip ever so gently and that my hand had migrated slightly toward my lady bits?

Damn you, Old Spice man.