God the New Gilmore Girls Is Gonna Be Awful, Isn't It?

We’ve only been anticipating the Gilmore Girls Netflix reboot for thirty-seven years now and now the full trailer is here. But yikes, this could be rough.

How exactly did we get here? Truckloads of money, of course, but actually, what is happening? As a rule, I’m not a big fan of remakes or reboots or anything that so obviously represents Hollywood’s favorite intersection of zero creativity and greed and this god-awful trailer is an excellent case in point.

Just a few years ago, I rewatched the entire Gilmore Girls series and I truly don’t remember it being this bad—because it wasn’t! In 2002 the show was charming and quirky and the incessant pop culture references were pesky but buoyant.


Now, the humor is lumpy and forced and the quick wit I remember is nowhere to be found. Also, any endearing appeal of these two very thin women constantly eating inordinate amounts of garbage food has worn all the way off. And, of course, what is the point of any of this unless Matt Czuchry is in every scene?

But maybe that’s just me. Take a look and prepare yourself, because either way, it’s coming and Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel ain’t giving back those checks.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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Disagree. I think that Gilmore Girls has a very good reason for coming back, because of the awful last season and the fact that they did not know, when filming it, that the last episode was actually going to be the last. Lorelai is annoying, sure, but she’s supposed to be - the character is flawed and actually not the most likable. I was surprised when I rewatched it on Netflix, because I thought that it held up pretty well to time.

Also, a lot of people actually wanted this and it’s a miniseries, as opposed to the awful reboots that no one has asked for that are picked up as full shows.

I know that it is not the pervading opinion here on Jezebel (seriously, did Lauren Graham kick one of your puppies...?), but I’m excited and liked the trailer.