Glee Cast Hold Hands at Lake Where Naya Rivera's Body Was Found

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Naya Rivera’s fellow Glee cast members joined the actress’s family for what looks like an emotional gathering at California’s Lake Piru, where her body was recovered earlier today.


Among those who showed up at the lake’s shores were Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer and Kevin McHale. According to People, Morris, who played Rivera’s love interest on the show, had arrived to the lake with friends.


The Ventura County Police Department tweeted this morning that a body had been recovered at the lake, and law enforcement confirmed later that they were “certain” it was Rivera’s. A positive identification will be confirmed by the Ventura County Medical Examiner using dental records. [People]

Trina McGee says her relationship with her fellow Boy Meets World stars has improved since she went public with the racism and general poor treatment she received from them during her time on the show.

McGee, who was part of both the original cast and the 2015 reboot, said Will Friedle referred to her as “Aunt Jemima” while the two were backstage, and Danielle Fishel treated her rudely. (Ryder Strong, happily, managed not to suck in any way that McGee has mentioned.) Both have since apologized.


Per Yahoo Entertainment:

“He wrote a long email to me,” she says of Friedle’s recent apology. “He said that it was a journey for him since that day that he had called me Aunt Jemima. And it was a journey of thinking about himself, thinking about what he’s been taught as acceptable to other cultures ... what might hurt people.” 


Fishel, for her part, admitted that she acted “rude, cold & distant.” McGee says that their current relationship is “decent,” which is more than I would probably grant a coworker who treated me badly, but very big of McGee! [Yahoo/Page Six]

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  • You can now drink the Queen’s gin. [New York Post]
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I... don’t even know how this must feel for the cast, let alone her family. Not withstanding the pedophile, this is still the 3rd death from the show. And while I didn’t always like it, and at times abhorred it, I’ve watched it probably 3x times and it’s probably saved me from myself a lot more than that. My sister died this year, so I don’t know if my emotions from that are mixed with this, but it’s all so incredibly sad the way she died, especially when she was probably trying to save herself and her son from getting Covid by being out there alone.