Give Emma Thompson All the Money

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Time and again, history has proven the addition of Emma Thompson to any film makes it exponentially better, bumping bad movies up to pretty good and middling movies to great. So if she wants a billion dollars to star in Disney’s Cruella de Vil origin story, give her a billion dollars, damn it.


According to Variety, Thompson, the world’s premier Emma, is in talks to star in Cruella “opposite” a subordinate Emma, Emma Stone. The film will be directed by I, Tonya’s Craig Gillespie is apparently some sort of prequel explaining how Cruella de Vil got so into dog fur. Stone will play Cruella, so Thompson might play her mother? I hope it’s like if The Act was for children.

Thompson has been a bright spot for two previous Disney movies: the live-action Beauty and the Beast and Saving Mr. Banks, a film I very much enjoyed, though reviews told me I should not have.

Anyway, it’s Disney, they’ve got stacks of cash lying around, and they should give Thompson one of those stacks for this project or any other that interests her.



After watching The Favourite, I can’t think about Emma Stone as anything but subordinate.