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Girls Gets a Third Season. We Think?

Here's Judd Apatow talking about how they're already working on scripts of the third season of Girls. I hope it's true because it's a great, weird, funny show, and I'd like to see more of it. Filming on season two of the HBO show, which returns January 13, wrapped in September.


Oh, also, apparently Apatow has a new movie coming out and Dunham basically wrote it for him. Or, more correctly, he exchanged notes with her, and she punched it up for him. WGA, what's up, get on this child labor issue, if you please. Anyway, I hope she was paid, but I can't be sure, as this interview is about 35 minutes too long and I'm also watching reruns of Golden Girls, so... something's gotta give.

Now, let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming of trying to think of clever things to tweet at Maude Apatow. How is a 13-year-old INSIDE OUR HEADS, OUR HEARTS, AND OUR SOULS? Maude Apatow for Prez!


Judd Apatow Says HBO Has Already Ordered a Third Season of Girls [Vulture]

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Alex Wright

Ok White Women, you win. Are you happy now?