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Girl Takes Sticks From Yosemite, Mails Them Back With Adorable Apology

Illustration for article titled Girl Takes Sticks From Yosemite, Mails Them Back With Adorable Apology

Here's some very cute news to make your Friday more tolerable.

Evie, a certified Yosemite Junior Ranger, which is quite possibly the best thing any person can be, accidentally returned home from a recent trip to the park with two sticks from the wild. You can imagine her horror at discovering these two errant pieces of bark in her knapsack. Or maybe she stole them and the whole thing is an act?? It's also a possibility that the sticks were just taking a breather from filming their Pixar short about two sticks in Yosemite who just want to make a fire (or something equally heartbreaking). The possibilities, they are endless. (But, let us be real, she probably just forgot about them.)


Nevertheless, young Evie blamed herself, and overwhelmed with regret, she penned a letter to park rangers. In the note, she expresses her remorse, and asks for the sticks to be returned to their rightful home: nature.

The ranger is now going to take pictures of the sticks roaming around Yosemite, like the Travelocity gnome, only less creepy. One day soon when Evie returns to the park, hopefully she'll get to hang with her sticks on half-dome.


[Reddit via SFist]

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Dear Evie:

The paper you used to write this letter destroyed trees, and the mail trucks carrying this letter polluted the air with carbon monoxide. When I put these thieved sticks back in nature, they will be going to a place that is worse because of your selfish actions. Your flagrant disregard for the nature you claim to love has forced me to strip you of your Junior Ranger titled, effective retroactively from the moment you took these sticks from their natural habitat.

-Ranger Joe

(Seriously, though? This child is a fucking treasure.)