Gillian Anderson Is Going to Play Margaret Thatcher on The Crown

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The Crown is very quickly just becoming a collection of my favorite people, with Olivia Colman on board to play Queen Elizabeth II for the next two seasons and Helena Bonham Carter taking over the role of Princess Margaret. Now, the casting gods are giving us the additional gift of Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher for season four.


According to The Guardian, the season will mostly likely focus on the storied relationship between Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth, who were not exactly friends:

There has been a great deal written about the reportedly frosty relationship between the Queen and Thatcher during the 11 years in which she was prime minister. They found each other something of a mystery, say some. One account even suggested the Queen did mocking impressions of Thatcher and referred to her as “that woman”.

That last sentence absolutely must be a part of the show. Watching Olivia Colman impersonate Gillian Anderson in Maggie Thatcher mode is all the television I’ll need for the rest of my life. The writer of The Crown, Peter Morgan, already wrote about those weekly meetings in his play The Audience, which starred Helen Mirren as Elizabeth, so surely he understands the importance of making this happen.  

Between this, Sex Education, and the criminally underrated The Spy Who Dumped Me, it’s simply delightful to have an Anderson surplus. Filming for season four of The Crown begins this summer.   

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This is shaping up to be a wonderful series cast, but I’m slightly worried that Gillian Anderson as Thatcher will temper my antipathy toward the Iron Lady. I’d rather not be the slightest bit fond of Thatcher, even if obliquely so.