Gigi Hadid Is Definitely Having a Baby!

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It’s hard to say why it was necessary for Gigi Hadid to confirm again that she is having a baby when this information was already sort of confirmed by TMZ, the news outlet that will probably be the last thing standing when the world finally ends and the cockroaches inherit the earth. But! I support Gigi’s need to own her story and so that’s why we have to contend with this appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s insufferable television program.

So—Hadid is pregnant. She’s having a girl. She’s been craving everything bagels, which is why her birthday cake was in the shape of an everything bagel. That cake, which sounds great, was made by, uh, pardon me, Buddy Valastro, Cake Boss himself? An incredible get, Gigi! Here’s her take:

“I don’t know if it was my hormones right now or just like quarantine emotional-ness, but I cried every five minutes for an hour every time I thought about that Buddy made my cake. I couldn’t stop crying. I was just so happy. Honored that he would make my cake during quarantine.”


I get it! I don’t even like cake that much! I’d cry if Buddy Valastro made me a cake in the shape of an everything bagel! I would also be honored if he made it during a global pandemic and had it sent to my palatial home! Trying to find a reason to have another feeling about this other than neutral acceptance, and I’m coming up short, baby. I’ve been baking a lot these days, so maybe I will send the Hadid-Malik spawn my interpretation of an everything bagel cake, too!!

“Even in this crazy world, where any news is kind of good news,” Fallon says, “your news is great news!!” Can’t argue there, I guess? [People]

Did you know Anderson Cooper was pregnant?! Trick question—he wasn’t! But now he has a baby!

Per a very sweet Instagram post, Cooper announced the birth of his son, Wyatt Morgan Cooper, who was born via surrogate on Monday. Described as “sweet, and soft, and healthy” by Papa Cooper, the child appears to be small, bald, and very precious for a newborn, most of whom usually emerge from the womb looking a little rumpled. Andy Cohen, another man with a baby, said that his son “can’t wait” to meet Papa Cooper’s precious seed. Cute.

Congrats to Pops, congrats to Wyatt, and congrats to the surrogate who made a CNN anchor’s dreams come true.

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