Giada's Divorce Settlement Awards Big Money to Ex Husband

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Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis is officially divorced, and her settlement has her parting with a good chunk of change.


People reports that Giada and her now ex-husband, fashion designer Todd Thompson (who is rich in his own right), have agreed on the terms of their divorce, which they first announced in December. They’ll be sharing joint custody of their daughter. Unfortunately for Giada—whose brilliant white smile I imagine never dims, no matter the news—she’ll be giving Thompson $9,000 a month in child support, plus their $3.2 million home, plus the $300,000 worth of furnishings in said home, plus half of all of her book royalties. The royalties come both from books Giada published while the couple was together, as well as advances she has on a few future cookbooks, to a total of over $5 million. The couple will split the $2 million they have just lying around in bank accounts.

As TMZ notes, Giada will keep what was probably most important to her: the rights to her forthcoming cookbook and her various food-related companies.

If you live in California, and you are a millionaire, get a prenup (or a postnup!).

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Boo, I don’t much care for nepotism. She only got a show because of her Grandfather. It’s not like she’s a better cook than any other tv chef. Nigella Lawson's crazy ass is better. Mainly I’m just angry that there isn’t a Swedish Chef cooking show.