Gia Giudice's Musical Debut

I guess I'll just go head and be the asshole and criticize a 9-year-old girl's overt cry for help, but seriously, Gia's song for her mom and Zio Joe was bad on so many levels. First of all, how wildly inappropriate is it that this kid is even aware of any discord in the family, let alone so emotionally affected by it? But given that she is, I suppose it only makes sense — taking after her family — that she would be equally inappropriate in choosing a happy event, like her sister's birthday party, to air their dirty laundry in the form of a song. And, frankly, not a very good song at that. It paled in comparison to her previous emo-less single, "Milania." Everyone involved has about 10 different reasons to be embarrassed. Maybe that's what Gia's next song will be called.


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If you're Gia's age the first time your Mom starts telling you "No" when you ask for things at the store, that must be jarring. If your Mom has made a point of not knowing anything about the money up to this point, and is also not accustomed to saying, "No," she's probably not saying it in a reasonable way. She's probably saying, "WHY??? BECAUSE WE CAN'T AFFORD IT THAT'S WHY!" If the only time people really pay attention to you is when you're "pursuing your entertainment career," then the way you express all the toxic anxiety you're absorbing is to write a song about it, and you choose to let it all out when you have everyone's attention.

God, that poor little girl.