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Ghost Ghirls: If You Don't Watch This Web Series, I'll Do Something Crazy

Illustration for article titled emGhost Ghirls/em: If You Dont Watch This Web Series, Ill Do Something Crazy

It's weird that I can get WiFi from on top of a clock tower? Anyways.

OK, I know I love a lot of pop culture garbage entertainment for idiots, and sometimes people (you) are like "LAURA THIS IS SOME GAAARRRBAAAGE." But still, I keep trying! Because I believe in us. This time, I've come across a new web series called Ghost Ghirls. It's super funny and I love it and you will too SO HELP ME.


Brought to you by Jack Black's production company — Black himself says "Ghost Ghirls is the funniest idea for a TV show that we've seen since I've been in the business." — and Jeremy Konner (aka The Drunk History guy). Oh, and most importantly, the two stars/writers/creators, Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci. They play ghost hunters who are about as terrible at their jobs as the Ghost Busters' Venkman was.

You can view epidoes exclusively on Yahoo! (does it still have the !?) so go watch a couple and let me know what a g-d (beautiful) idiot I am in the comments oxoxoxo. (I just drank three Nespressos.) (I apologize for this entire post.)


[Ghost Ghirls]

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