Last night's episode of Dance Moms highlighted the true appeal of this show: The craziness of the mothers. We watched how the women got involved in one another's business, having a lunch date for the sole purpose of talking about one of the other moms and her audacity to refuse to stay for the entirety of the dance competitions, hours after her own daughter has finished performing, to cheer on the other girls. Additionally, there was more drama involving Melissa and her daughter Maddie, who is dance instructor Abby Lee's favorite.


Maddie was given two solo performances at the competition—while all the other girls were only given one—doubling her chance of winning a title. However, Maddie is the only girl in the troupe who takes private lessons in tap, so she automatically enters for solos in that category. She then received the another solo, just like the rest of the girls. One mom, Christi (the one who hosted the shit-talking lunch) didn't think this was fair, and demanded that Melissa pull one of her daughter's solos. One Melissa refused, Christi slowly started to unravel. Naturally, Maddie won the competition, and while the mothers were giving all the girls their congratulations, all hell broke loose. Christi demanded to have a private conversation with Abby, and when Abby ignored her, she began screaming her grievances, in front of all the children, making some of them cry. It was at this point that Abby noticed Christi's half-empty wine bottle in the dressing room, and then everything started to make a lot of sense.