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Get Rich So You Can Have an 80 Foot Slide In Your Penthouse

What normal people would call an extravagant nuttiness, rich people call playful design. Man, rich people — they have everything and yet nothing figured out.


This magical slide resides inside the four-story, 6,500-foot penthouse in the American Tract Society Building, one of the oldest surviving skyscrapers in NYC. At about 6:55 in the above video, you can watch someone climb into it and then emerge from the insanity on the other end. I don't know — I'm inclined to say "fuck that slide" and also: GIMME.

[via Fast Company]

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Jenna Sauers

Excuse me, but if you're rich enough to afford a penthouse in the American Tract Society building, aren't you rich enough to afford a real Carsten Höller? Miuccia is thumbing her nose at you and your knock-off, Rich Person.