German Family Massacres LL Cool J Hit In Moving Vehicle (With Accordion)

Honestly, this is exactly what it sounds you should probably skip the next few sentences and just watch this German family murder LL Cool J like no one else could. So much fun these Germans have!

OK, fine, I'll give you a better description. But, since I am not that good at describing that which cannot be described I'm just going to paraphrase Sara McLachlan's "Building a Mystery": This video is a beautiful, fucked up mess. (Also I just realized that the lyric is "beautiful, fucked up man," which I guess works, too.)

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OMG THAT'S FLULA! He's god damn hilarious! You gotta see his video on the phrase "party pooper"... I die laughing every time.

He's apparently in Pitch Perfect 2, as well. So excited to see it!