Georgina Chapman's Marchesa Line Suffers After Weinstein Investigation

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

On Tuesday Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman announced she was divorcing her husband Harvey Weinstein after several investigations were published regarding his decades-long sexual harassment. But Chapman’s fashion line, which has long been aided by Weinstein’s Hollywood connections throughout their marriage, is already suffering as a result of the allegations.


On October 5 the jeweler Helzberg Diamonds announced a collection of “Marchesa Radiant Star” engagement rings, the same day that the first New York Times story on Harvey Weinstein dropped. The Hollywood Reporter reports that as of October 11 links to the collection no longer work and a representative for Helzberg confirmed to the publication that the Marchesa line will not be launching at this time.

Marchesa also announced on Wednesday that the brand’s Spring Summer Press Preview, scheduled for October 12 according to the Huffpost, has been postponed to a later date.



I’m feeling ambivalent about this. On one hand, I hate to see women held accountable for men’s bad behavior, but on the other hand, she used his power to advance herself and, I mean, she knew, right? But! Maybe she didn’t. Abusers are good at only showing certain sides of themselves to certain people.

So, yeah. Ambivalent.