George W Bush Remembered Favorably? OK, Sure.

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In related news, Americans have shitty, shitty memories.

According to Gallup survey results released today, forty-nine percent of Americans now view Bush as favorable, with just forty-six percent viewing him unfavorably. I guess the bright(ish) side is, this is the first time in five years that Americans have viewed the former President favorably?


When dubya left office, only forty percent of people polled viewed him favorably, with fifty-nine percent expressing dislike for him. I'm honestly a little shocked it's that high. (That's a lie — never bet against America's ability to forget!)

Of course, Ronald Reagan now has a favorability ratings over 60 percent, so yeah. USA? USA? USohfuckit.


[via Politico]

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C.A. Pinkham

Reagan's Presidency has been the subject of an absolutely relentless PR campaign by the Republican Party for the last two decades. They DESPERATELY want him to be their sainted hero, admired and adored by all Americans, responsible for such feats of Presidential majesty as...I don't know, being in the right place at the right time when the Soviet Union finally collapsed like a flan in a cupboard, I guess.

I'm going to quote my old Jewish grandfather on Reagan, here, because I don't know of anyone who's ever said it better: "He was a third-rate actor who made a third-rate President."