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George Takei Saying 'Assholes' in Gay Marriage PSA Will Make Your Day

From ginger king Jesse Tyler Ferguson's non-profit Tie the Knot, an organization supporting same-sex marriage and the proper tying of bow ties on owls, comes this PSA starring the ever delightful George Takei.


The PSA itself isn't too mind blowing, but the very end with George Takei saying, "The most important thing to remember when dealing with people who don't support marriage equality is to be kind. They are most likely hiding their own sexuality. Besides, these people don't know, they're being assholes," is wonderful. If we could bottle the magic of Mr. Takei saying "assholes", I'm pretty sure we could solve all the problems of humanity. Get on it, internet.

[Funny or Die]

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Gingers don't have a king.

You know nothing of our governing system!


-A member of the ginger alliance.

Otherwise: Still 10/10.