Genius Dad Styles Daughter's Hair With a Vacuum Cleaner

Illustration for article titled Genius Dad Styles Daughter's Hair With a Vacuum Cleaner

Here's awesome father Brandon Ramirez beautifying his adorable daughter's hair using a vacuum cleaner attachment. At first, it appeared to be a flowbee he's employing for the task — but no, it's just a regular old vacuum cleaner. So resourceful! This is that pioneering spirit that kept folks alive on the Oregon Trail. Or something? Actually, ignore that last part.

Now, please excuse me while I go find my niece and a dust buster — it's time for that mane to finally be tamed!

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This may just be my experience, but I feel like Dad's are the best at little girls hair.

My mom would pull and tug and get frustrated (because she just thwacked the brush down at the top of our heads and pulled the tangles as they came) and my sister and I would be upset and have sore heads (twice a day at least). And her pony tails always came loose, because she just wanted to get them over with. We only got braids if we specifically asked, or were going to be running around and playing a lot (field days, weekends, park trips, etc).

My AWESOME DAD on the other hand, brushed our hair gingerly, always starting from the bottom, working out our tangles, then gently brushing for a long while until we were satisfied. We were always super chill and relaxed afterward. And his ponytails were the BEST! They were the super high, super tight ones that pulled your eyebrows up and made you look shocked, and they gave you headaches by the end of the day, but not one strand of hair ever popped out of those ponytails (a major factor for my sister and I, who hated hair/anything touching our faces). Unfortunatly, he couldn't do braids, only ponytails and barrets, but man, we loved him doing our hair.

I'm 25 now, and sometimes I wish he'd still brush my hair out for me when I go hangout at his place, lol

Did anyone else have a similar experience with their parents?