Gender-Reveal Cakes Are The Latest YouTube Phenomenon

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A new trend in parenting—according to a multitude of YouTube videos—is something called "gender reveal parties," in which expectant parents give the sonogram tech's report to a baker (without looking at the results) and then receive a cake that is dyed either blue or pink.

When I first saw clips like this one, I began making fun of them. Just the idea of having another party, or another reason to force family members to lavish attention and time on you yet again for an event that doesn't have that much suspense—because you'll be happy either way, so long as the baby is healthy, right?—is too much. But when I said this aloud my husband told me that I was grump, and that everyone seemed like they were having fun and they were eating cake on top of it. And he's right. I don't want to bring around a cloud to rain on anyone's stupid party. Let them eat cake.


Let Them Eat Baby! The Terrifying New Practice Of The Cake Gender Reveal [The Awl]

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I think it's cute when it's done at a shower. But making finding out your kid's sex an *event* is kind of stupid and "look-at-me"ish. I mean, it's super-duper exciting to find out if you want to know. I was on cloud nine all day when monsieur and I found out we were having a boy (just as I would have been if we'd found out we were having a girl), but, honestly, even if my best friend or sister or something invited me to a "gender reveal" party, I would silently think "Can't you just call me when you find out?"