Gayle King Attempts to Talk Some Sense Into Drew Barrymore

Hoppy Easter! The Good Friday episode of The Drew Barrymore Show was blessed with a series of pop-up appearances from an Easter Bunny, who interrupted Barrymore for the ostensible purpose of an audience challenge (at the end of the show, one lucky Virtual Friends & Family member was asked to recount what the Bunny was holding in each appearance). But the Bunny also brought a sense of the surreal back to a show that, in its earliest form, felt more like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse than a proper daytime talk show (and I mean that as a compliment). Take that, McHale.


Elsewhere, Tiki Barber and Gayle King sat in on the Drew’s News desk as Barrymore’s co-anchors. With King, a conversation about underwear ensued and King will have you know that she does not wear granny panties. “I’m not wearing little thongs either, but no, I’m not wearing granny panties,” she explained. Barrymore theorized that King was rocking a “sensible, sexy panty,” and King retorted, “Does sensible and sexy go together, Drew? Probably not.” Nicely argued. King also mentioned her OG Chronicles online videos with her friend Oprah Winfrey and asked Barrymore what she though “OG” stood for in that title. “Original gangster,” said Barrymore. Because Winfrey and King are not gangsters nor have they ever claimed to be, Barrymore was wrong. It stands for Oprah and Gayle. I love the way King’s no-nonsense approach to conducting herself on camera complemented Barrymore’s all-nonsense sensibility. They’d make a great team if only they didn’t already have teammates (Ross Matthews is Gayle King to Barrymore’s Oprah).

Oh, and a child whose viral shtick is “interviewing” celebrities by asking them extremely obvious questions made herself useful by telling Barrymore an “inappropriate” joke that has made me laugh every time I’ve watched and rewatched it in the editing of this week’s clip reel. Good work, kid!

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



I find Drew’s show to be exhausting. It’s so sticky and saccharine.