Joel McHale Says It Would Have Been Hard to Pull a Clip to Mock Drew on The Soup, Which ???

Joel McHale may have inadvertently admitted that he’s never watched The Drew Barrymore Show, or seen chatter about it online, or perhaps even had no idea who Drew Barrymore was prior to appearing on her show this week. Or maybe he’s just polite?


In their interview, Barrymore asked McHale if he had any advice for her in this newish gig of talk show host. McHale, you’ll remember, was for 12 seasons (from 2004-15) the host of E!’s clips show The Soup, for which he provided snarky commentary to a smattering of the week’s television offerings. (The show had a particular focus on talk shows, having been spawned from the E! show that preceded it, Talk Soup.)

McHale’s partial answer to Barrymore was flattery: “You’re cool and calm,” he said “so that lends itself to professionalism, which we rarely went after. It’s hard to pull a clip!” Uh, I have about a half of a year’s worth of weekly footage to argue otherwise. In fact every week, multiple times a week, I think, “God The Soup would be eating out of Barrymore’s hand (or stuffed mouth, as it were).”

Why just this week, Barrymore ran haphazardly around her stage, hugged a warm tub of water, talked several times with her mouth full, collapsed when Good Housekeeping Institute director Carolyn Forte invited her to the lab “when we’re back,” and told her audience, “If you can feel this burst of energy, I give it right back to you. I am the conduit and boy does it feel good.”

Not hard to pull a clip, McHale. Not by a long shot. Those and more are in this week’s montage:

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



I’m pretty sure all of McHale’s free time is devoted to exercise and experimental hair retention regimens.