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Garth Brooks Cancels Performance In Wake of Ferguson Decision

Illustration for article titled Garth Brooks Cancels Performance In Wake of Ferguson Decision

Garth Brooks was scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show's Thanksgiving episode, but has chosen to cancel his scheduled appearance because he says that performing would be "distasteful" considering the grand jury's decision not to indict Darren Wilson.


Brooks, who has said he is willing to reschedule wrote the following on his Facebook:

"to the news of the civil unrest that was going on in our nation. To spend the day promoting our stuff like nothing was wrong seemed distasteful to me."


Agree. Black Friday also seems distasteful considering all that's going on (cheap TVs will trump justice, of course), but that hasn't stopped many stores from thinking about their bottom line.

Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Colicchio will appear in Brooks' place.

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I bet that asshole, Chris Gaines, will be performing in his place.