Game of Thrones Goes to High School, and They're All a Bunch of Teenage Jerks

We are Starks, our way is the vintage way. And prom night is coming. This short video (possibly the beginning of a webseries?) recasts the families as high school cliques, and it's kinda funny/fairly enjoyable. The Stannis/Renly relationship is the most spot-on part, and the map of the school is great. Honestly, anything that ramps us up for the March 31 premier of season 3 is something to get excited about. But why are Jon Snow and Daenerys being romantic or whatever, they've never even met. It's cool that Loras and Renly can be out and proud, and where is Arya — after-school fencing lessons?? Oh, and Daenerys should be stuck at another school, locked in a shitty relationship with the dirty head of the LARPing club. Ugh, I can tell I'll be watching this, and I don't like myself for it. Much like the actual show SORRY NOT SORRY. (I'm sorry.)


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