Gal Gadot Is Going to Play Cleopatra and Discourse Is Happening

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It’s official: Gal Gadot is Hollywood’s next Cleopatra. Paramount will produce the biopic, and the studio wants to write and shoot the film on an accelerated timeline, since it’s under pressure to premiere a big budget release as soon as possible, according to Deadline. It’ll be directed by Patty Jenkins, who worked with Gadot on the set of 2017's Wonder Woman.


Many people are mad about this casting choice, some people are mad that other people are mad, and some people are confused.

The controversy stems from the fact that Gadot, an Israeli actress, is white, and will join a lineage of white stars—including Elizabeth Taylor, Claudette Colbert, and Vivian Leigh—who have played Cleopatra instead of women of color. A similar discussion ensued last year (and even as far back as a decade ago!!) when it was rumored that Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie were among those being considered the role. But, unsurprisingly, there’s no more consensus now about who should play the ancient Egyptian ruler than there was then.

Some people have pointed out that since Cleopatra is ethnically Greek, she should be played by a white actress. But research from the last two decades has shown that the woman believed to be Cleopatra’s mother was African, which would make it only right that she be portrayed by a mixed-race actress, according to some.

Others say a Black woman should play Cleopatra even if it isn’t 100 percent historically accurate, because don’t white actors get away with that all of the time?

Another group of people finds this all quite tedious and thinks that since it’s Sunday night everyone should log off.

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Do we really need another Cleopatra movie?