Future Calls Ciara's Last Album a 'Flop' in Counter Suit

A photo of Ciara with Future thinking “She’s a flop”

The next stage in this ugly war between co-parents slash ex-lovers Ciara and Future continues with a lawsuit in which Future describes his ex-fiancée’s last album as a “flop.”

In a counter suit filed in response to Ciara’s $15 million defamation lawsuit over Future’s tweets about her (which included his calling her a “bitch” and a bad mom, and not as a compliment), Future stooped to the level of shading Ciara’s career. Via TMZ:

Future flat out says his ex-fiancee’s career has been expired for a few years. He does call her fan base “reasonably large” — but also refers to her last album as a “flop” ... and says she hasn’t won many awards since 2013.


Wow. Let’s face it, he’s partially accurate. But this is the same guy who also wrote for and recorded a few songs with said flop and called One Woman Army (which eventually became 2015's Jackie, the album he’s referencing in this lawsuit) “a classic.”

To think, Ciara once wore fake dreads to show love for this man.

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