Today I spent the whole day creating custom cookie cutters, and now you can join me! The days of stupid hearts and boring bunnies* are gone β€” let's make cookie cutters that have previously only existed in our twisted minds.

So far I have: Me, my boyfriend, my mom, my mom's dogs, my dogs, a velociraptor in a jaunty cap, and Teen Wolf to the Future. Done and done.


Here's the deal:

Today we’re debuting a new way to do just that – the Thingiverse Cookie Cutter Customizer! It allows you to draw freeform cookie cutters as a new extension of Thingiverse Customizer, the app that lets you create unique designs from a set of parameters and inputs, and then print them in 3D.

Ugh, the future is so great β€” especially when it makes your world more adorably delicious. Now, off to bake one million cookies in the shape of Idris Elba.


*JK those are adorable and should always remain as a staple in your cookie cutter arsenal.