From Hangover Food to Hoppin John: Share Your New Years Recipes

New Years Day means it's the time to start afresh, and that includes in the kitchen. You'll most likely start your day (read: 4pm, Jan 1) with something to curb your horrendous hangover — so please share what that recipe might be, bonus points for creative names like "Grandma Pappy's Head Hurt No No Cream Souffle". Also, can I get that recipe?

And then, once the hangover is at bay, what's next on your plate? I personally will be eating all the collards (dollars) and black eyes peas (cents) that I can stuff down my gullet (good thing I'm fat!) because mama needs some cha-ching in 2013 (rhyme?). Hoppin John, here I come!


And, of course, plenty of champagne with everything because hair of the beast, drunk all day, honorary Sunday, etc. Happy New Year!!

[photo courtesy of the extremely delicious Isa Chandra Moskowitz and the ever tasty PPK]

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