From Break-Up To Bride, Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Get Engaged

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They've always seemed like one of the most miserable couples around but persistence must really pay off because folks are saying that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are engaged. Though it's early days yet and the tabloids are feverishly trying to lock down an exclusive, Jackson-based Tayloe Piggott Jewelry confirmed heard a rumor that Justin proposed Monday night at luxury Wyoming resort The Amangani. "Word on the street is that Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel at the Amangani last night," the company posted on Facebook. "We're picking out post-engagement presents for them just in case they come in! Trying to play it cool." New York-based PR guy Kyle Schaffler is also getting in on the action, saying that it was actually the Jackson Hotel but backing up talk of a ring exchange: "I love that no media outlets know about the Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel engagement. Benefits of working in PR." You heard it here first (if it turns out to be true)! [Lainey Gossip, IBT]


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She may only be five years old but that hasn't stopped everyone from rambling on about how fashion forward Suri Cruise is. And now papa Tom Cruise is chiming in by saying that his precocious princess is an independent, stylish woman. "Suri is fashionable, independent and picks out her own outfits. She even tells Katie and I what we should wear," he giggled, adding that they might chuck a Kris Jenner and enter their little one into the workforce early with a fashion line. "Maybe one day." [Celebuzz]

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Continuing with the borderline creepy act of projecting adult qualities onto children, Sandra Bullock says her two-year-old son Louis is a total player – calling him a "flirt" who "appreciates the fairer sex" but thankfully leaves her out of the mix. "He doesn't flirt with me like that, and someone told me that's probably a good thing," she said. "He's got a look where he just cuts the eyes at the ladies, and I'm like, 'I'm so sorry! I don't know what's happening.'" [US]

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Meryl Streep may be one of the world's best actresses but that doesn't mean she's always recognized as such, joking that her 14 unread Oscar speeches would be worthy of a book. "I sit there every year with a speech," she said. "I've got 14 speeches I've never given. They're all really good. One day I'll put them in a book." I'd read that. [Newstrack]

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She was over the UK, hated Madrid and was looking forward to starting a brand-new life/relationship with the paps in LA but it appears that even the City of Angels and porn companies has lost its allure for Victoria Beckham, who is said to be thrilled about relocating to Paris next month. That's right, with husband David receiving a pot of gold for signing with Paris St. Germain they are packing wee Harper and the boys and moving on over to the Mecca of college girls everywhere. [Daily Mail]

  • Her tired ol' teenage quips might be annoying, but Diablo Cody isn't that bad after all — revealing she loves roller coasters so much her husband proposed to her on one and she keeps spreadsheets of all the ones she's been on. [Express]
  • Blame it on Who's The Boss? but I've always had a thing for Tony Danza – even at 60 I reckon he's got another 10 or so years left in him, shower nozzle masturbation material-wise – so it saddens me to know that whippersnappers at the Young Adult afterparty thought he was a total creep. [Page Six]
  • One of the best things about the Real Housewives franchise is all of their insane plastic surgery. Which only serves to make these before-they-were-not-really-famous photos all the more intriguing. [The Daily What]
  • Page Six – aka The Stalker's Handbook – give you a blow-by-blow account of how and where Jake Gyllenhaal spent his 31st birthday. [Page Six]
  • Fergie and Josh Duhamel's Christmas card is ridiculous, tacky and amazing. [NYDN]
  • After facing the wrath of crazed Law And Order: SVU fans (present!), Rooney Mara is backtracking on her slagging of the show. [E!]
  • In related news, reviewers get creative when describing Rooney's look in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. [Vulture]
  • He's responsible for some of the best car-crash TV around and judging by this walk around his New York apartment has a thing for Amy Sedaris, therefore Andy Cohen is my future gusband. That's gay husband for the uninitiated. [People]
  • Will Vanessa Bryant get to keep Kobe's $4 million "apology" ring? Here's hoping. [US]
  • There's talk that Khloe Kardashian and the rest of the basketball wives didn't care for Vanessa. If true, it makes their act of solidarity over the whole cheating thing that much more amazing. [Radar]
  • Hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition to boycott the Kardashians. Though that's a commendable endeavour, suggestions that they're making a "mockery of American culture" might be pushing it a touch too far — the US does a pretty good job of that on its own. [NYDN]
  • He's always seemed like a controlling horror show but Marc Anthony lifted his PR game by treating his employees to an all-expenses paid trip to the Dominican Republic – where they got drunk and hung out with orphans. Separately, one would assume. [TMZ]
  • James Franco looks set to be joining the cast of Lovelace, playing a young Hugh Hefner. [Showblitz]
  • The term "bachelor pad" always makes it sound like some black leather-infused studio apartment. This is clearly Ashton Kutcher's amazing bachelor mansion. [Celebslam]
  • Funny how Thomas Jane waits for his show Hung to get cancelled before he clears up talk that he used to turn tricks (scroll down to the last item). Talk that he himself started. [Radar]

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I was just discussing Justin Timberlake with my friends last night. We were joking about all the little boys we see with Bieber style haircuts, and we were remembering how guys used to dye their hair with the blonde tips a la Justin in NSYNC. Nobody ever looked good with blonde tips. Or Texas tuxedos, for that matter.

Also, not related at all, but why would you need to go to a jewelry store after the engagement? I would assume that JT already had the ring. Maybe she'll buy him a watch or something?