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Friday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Robyn Lively

It’s the end of the week! Let’s give it up for ourselves for making it through and to Robyn Lively for agreeing to take part in Teen Witch so many, many years ago. This long weekend is the perfect time to watch the best film of the 80s again and ask yourself why Lively isn’t on our screens more of the time.


Jump in and talk about anything and everything in the comments and have a fantastic fourth!

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My dear, sweet brother Numsie!

Some rilly handsome guy in the grocery store parking lot told me “Great job parking! No hesitation whatsoever!” when I got out of my car yesterday afternoon. He seemed genuinely impressed and not sarcastic at all... Which made it all the more patronizing. Who says that?!

He was ridiculously goodlooking, so I couldn’t even think of anything witty to say (MERF). I just kind of mumbled a half hearted “mmmmmokay” and grinned like a ninny because [omg he looks like a buff young Paul Rudd!]

I am a totally awesome parker though.