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Friday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Ms. Julia Sugarbaker

It’s the Friday night of a long weekend, so we’ve got something special for you: an open thread featuring the dazzling Julia Sugarbaker telling off Miss Georgia for being an awful person. So let’s pretend that we’re Julia and this week was Miss Georgia and smack it down before we go on to the best weekend of our lives.


Also: Congratulations to everyone who’s graduating this weekend or who has just finished finals! Watch this clip twice. You deserve it. Actually, everyone deserves it. Actually, you know what? At this point I’m so tired I’m just writing words and hoping they make sense. Watch the video, talk about anything and everything in the comments and get drunk for me tonight (because I can’t). WHOO! WEEKEND!

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Feminist Kittenjoy [is back after a long hiatus]

Hooray for Friday night social on a four day weekend! I just enjoyed a lazy day that started with therapy and ended with a massage. Consider me a healthy, happy Kittenjoy. :)

Here’s my query for the night: as you can likely tell from my username, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with still being in the greys. At this point, I’m starting to feel like I might start commenting less because it’s such a frustration to watch a conversation pass you by while you wait for someone to lift you out of the shadows (speaking of, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! to all of the folks who have so regularly done this for me - I can’t tell you how grateful I am).

So here’s what I’d like to ask the folks who are already ungreyed: how long did it take before you got the green light? Was it weeks? Months? Is there something that those of us still languishing in the dark should do to get noticed? I’m genuinely starting to experience Mr Cellophane-level soul crush over here. :/