Free People Is Selling a $38 Hula Hoop

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How much would you pay for a hollow tube of cheap colorful plastic? If you said $49.37 with tax and shipping, we have a Bingo! Now, if you said $3.74, you'd live in the real world with the rest of us peons.


According to the dimensions, it appears the Free People hula hoop is about the same size as the cheapo one — is it special because it's weighted or filled with secrets or cocaine or what? I can't decipher how the Free People hula hoop is any different for exercise from the $4 ones — am I missing something? It's "handmade in the USA", so at least there's that. And that's not nothing.

Fine, fuck it; I'll take one.

[Free People] [H/t Alexis]



But... that's how much professional weighted hoops usually go for. And weighted hoops are a pretty effective & fun workout. Are we snarking just to snark?