Fox News Anchor Kelly Wright Says He Can No Longer Ignore Racism at the Network

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At a news conference on Wednesday, news anchor Kelly Wright spoke to reporters about the second lawsuit lodged against Fox News this year for racial discrimination. As the only black anchor on Fox, Wright can be a more public face for the accusations, as the suit filed in March pertained to discrimination in the administrative sector of the corporation.

Variety reports that the conference was held at the offices of Wigdor LLC law firm, attorneys representing Wright and several other plaintiffs named in the suit. Wright spoke to the fact that aside from himself, there are only a handful of black and Latino reporters at Fox News:

“In 2017, that should not be the case,” Wright said, calling it “indefensible and inexcusable” given the talent pool available. “It speaks volumes (about) the disregard to equality at Fox News.”


According to Wright, he has frequently urged the company to produce special or cover issues that might reach a more diverse viewing public, but says these requests fell “on deaf ears.”

“Our leaders simply overlook the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace,” continued Wright, “We can definitely do better.”

The New York Daily News reports that Wright claims he struggled with the decision to come forward with allegations of racial discrimination. Wright has been with the network for a decade and now works as co-anchor of America’s News Headquarters on Saturdays:

“Somewhere along the line, (Fox) lost their way and they’ve failed to include equality for all,” Wright said. “The (network) failed to be fair and balanced for all of our employees regardless of race, gender, faith, creed or color.”


Wright says he was moved by the suit lodged by Tichaona Brown and Tabrese Wright, two black female accountants at the network, feeling he could no longer stay out of the issue.

“I prayed about it, I cried over it,” continued Kelly Wright, “I said, ‘I can no longer sit in silence, collect my paycheck, and act like I didn’t experience racial bias on my own level — an on-air personality.’”

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

This guy has been employed by Fox for the entire duration of their Obama Derangement Syndrome plus the whole of the last election and he’s only just realizing the place was hella racist?

I wonder if he’ll notice water is wet next.