Fox & Friends Segment Teaches Children How to Disarm Shooters

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On Tuesday morning, Fox & Friends distinguished itself once more, cementing its place as a television program unafraid to offer you the lowest common denominator of American reactionary politics.


In a segment entitled “Self-defense moves your teens must know,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed two Krav Maga experts, as well as three school-aged boys, about how the Israeli martial art had helped them feel empowered despite the threat of a school shooting.

After they demonstrated one method of disarming a gunman, Hasselbeck asked for clarification: “Do you keep running once you do that? Or do you fight, kick and try to get this guy down?”

“Once you engage the gunman, you have to take him out,” said Krav Maga master instructor Soke Tony Morrison who runs a studio on Long Island. “You’re not going to try and get away until you’ve done some damage to him, because if you don’t, he’ll just pursue you.”

Call me what you will (likely a libtard), but I am just not sure I’d want my child running towards a gunman. Is that crazy of me?

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I’d rather have my kid grow up without having to learn how to disarm a fucking gunman, hell I’d rather every child on the fucking planet grow up that way.

So I guess gun rights trump safe and happy childhoods too?